How brewers carbonate beer

How is beer carbonated? That’s actually a question that has far more answers than you’d think, and to some beer fans, is serious enough to dictate whether they will drink...

How much did you drink?

With the weather suddenly taking a glorious turn, and with certain sporting events coming alive this summer (I am of course talking about the Thumb Wrestling World Championships), you might...

Measuring Sourness

Sourness in beer is traditionally associated with ‘off beer’, so it can be a hard sell to people who are new to sour beers/the taste of sour beers. However, I’ve...

About Us

Mammoth Beer is born of a desire to make excellent beer. It comes from a small group of individuals who want to collaborate and harness their passions. It starts with a single idea, and ends with a unification of creativity. It’s about not compromising on any element, and pushing for something unique every single time. No stone left unturned, no idea too far fetched. Working within the framework of our collective experience, but always pushing beyond our comfort zone.

Mammoth Beer is a microbrewery in East London. We make small batches of beer that aim to draw the attention of your senses. Our beers are always bold and novel, always evolving and changing, moving with our tastes and inspirations. We don’t tie our beer to a constructed idea of a style, instead we simply aim to make something enjoyable. We are a locally minded company run and owned by Londoners, making beer that we love.

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Mammoth Beer
Units 1-28 Echo Building, E Bay Lane,
Hackney Wick, London, E15 2SJ
+44 (0)7970 927272

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