About Us

Born out of lockdown revelry, when Mark Pether, a brewing veteran from Crate Brewery, Meantime Brewery and Hackney Brewery vein, and Vikram Gudi, a musician and sound engineer from our sibling company Mammoth Audio as well as Elephant Music and Protege, found themselves distanced and thirsty during lockdowns. They took to the streets of East London for some socially distant beer tastings. It was during these boozy sessions that Mammoth Beer was born.

But Mammoth Beer isn't just about getting you drunk - we're all about doing our part to save the planet, one sip at a time. We're passionate about recycling our spent grain, and we've partnered up with local companies like Bio-collectors and Lick & Mix to ensure that our waste is put to good use. Plus, we prioritize the use of products that don't rely on single-use plastics, and we work closely with Hackney council to ensure that as much waste as possible goes to renewable sources. And when it comes to transport, we've teamed up with our neighbours at Zhero Logistics to ensure that we're using pedal power and electric vehicles as often as feasible.

Mammoth Beer takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients and crafting beer that hits all the right notes. Drawing on over a decade of brewing experience and a background in London's vibrant arts and music scenes, Mammoth Beer is all about delivering top-notch quality and imaginative flavours.

Head on down to our taproom in the arches of Leytonstone High Road. Come join us for a pint or two and see what all the fuss is about. Cheers!